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Workers Protest leads to Police Service Commission Recruitment Shut Down

The attention of the management of the Police Service Commission has been drawn to several news publications on the subject matter above.

The Commission regrets that the issues raised in the publications by its Staff which was already receiving management attention had to degenerate to a level where Staff forcefully locked up government offices and chased away Staff on legitimate duties.

The Staff raised several issues but primarily the alleged handover of the Constitutional responsibility of the Commission to recruit Police Officers to the Inspector General of Police; the delay in the conclusion of the 2021 staff promotion and training of staff were the major highlights.

The spokesman for the Police Service Commission, Ikechukwu Ani, disclosed that it is necessary to state unequivocally that the recruitment of police officers from the rank of constables to cadet inspectors and cadet ASPs is and remains the constitutional responsibility of the Commission, and this was also affirmed not long ago by a judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal.

The management of the Commission has no intention to abdicate this constitutional responsibility.

It should be noteworthy that the Management had a few weeks ago addressed the Staff on this matter and had also followed up with contact with the Inspector General of Police to explain issues arising from the preparation for the conduct of the 2021 Recruitment process.

Earlier favorable judgment to the Inspector General of Police by the Federal High Court Abuja was used for the take over of all Police recruitments including that of Police Academy.
At no time did Management willingly surrender the Commission’s mandate to the Nigeria Police Force. This, it will never contemplate.

The Management is currently taking up the recent announcement by the Police, of Screening dates for the 2021 Constable Recruitment, and will ensure that the Constitutional responsibilities of the Commission are not hijacked.

Management will insist on keeping to the existing, clearly defined roles for all parties, including the PSC, NPF, Federal Character Commission, and state governments.

The Commission will obviously drive the 2021 Constable Recruitment in line with Constitutional provisions.

On 2021 staff promotion, Management will approve the recommendation of its Standing Committee on Establishment at its next Plenary meeting.

The Management has no problem with training of staff on police Recruitment and will not stand against any reasonable recommendations on that.
Management believes that the Staff has a right to demonstrate, sit at home, declare a warning strikes but frowns at the forceful locking of government offices.

The Management will continue to protect the interest of the Staff and had always done that even during the fight for the mandate of the Commission in the courts.

Management appeals to staff to reconsider their combative approach and join hands with the management of the Commission to realize the earliest resolutions of the matter according to the constitution and current judgment of the Court of Appeal.

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