Motorists Rejoice as Lagos Police Launch War on Extortion: Criminal Network Dismantled

Motorists Rejoice as Lagos Police Launch War on Extortion

Commissioner Vows No Mercy for Extortionists and Colluding Law Enforcement Personnel

Lagos, August 5, 2023 – In response to widespread reports of criminal extortion plaguing truck drivers and motorists, law enforcement agencies have joined forces to combat the issue head-on. The Commissioner of Police for Lagos State Command, CP Idowu Owohunwa, has initiated a comprehensive crackdown on this nefarious activity, involving both thugs and rogue law enforcement personnel.

Under CP Owohunwa’s leadership, a specialized enforcement team has been established with the explicit mandate of dismantling the extortion operations that have been rampant in certain identified areas. The team, led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations), comprises skilled tactical units and provost officers from the state’s headquarters. Yesterday marked the commencement of their operations, with a particular focus on the notorious Mile 2 region—a hotspot for these audacious extortionists.

During their initial foray, the enforcement team successfully apprehended fifteen individuals engaged in extortion, primarily thugs. Additionally, the team’s diligent efforts led to the arrest of three police officers, one officer from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and one officer from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA). These law enforcement personnel are believed to have been collaborating with criminals in these illegal activities.

Thugs Extorting Truck Drivers Face Swift Action in Lagos Police Crackdown

CP Owohunwa strongly emphasizes that any law enforcement personnel found to be complicit in these extortion schemes will not escape justice, regardless of their affiliation. The CP affirms that these individuals will be apprehended and subjected to due legal procedures.

In a bid to reassure the public, especially motorists, CP Owohunwa underscores the commitment of the newly established enforcement team to continue conducting operations. These efforts will be expanded to cover other parts of the state where similar issues persist. The goal is to completely eradicate the menace of extortion, thus restoring a sense of safety and order on the roads of Lagos.

SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Command, encourages the public to support these efforts and report any instances of extortion or corrupt behaviour by law enforcement personnel. The collaborative endeavour between law enforcement agencies is a decisive step towards upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the rights of citizens.

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