From Panic to Relief: Delta State Secondary School Video Reveals Innocent 'Snake Bite' Game, Not Cult Ritual

False Cult Initiation Video in Delta State Secondary School Exposed

A video clip depicting an alleged cult initiation in a secondary school in Delta State has been circulating on various social media platforms, causing widespread concern. However, after a thorough investigation, the Delta State Police Command has determined the video to be false and urges the public to disregard it entirely. The command provides the following details:

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Upon receiving the video clip, the Commissioner of Police, CP Wale Abass, promptly instructed the Area Commander Asaba, ACP Sunday Oladipo, and the Command’s Public Relations Officer, DSP Edafe Bright, to visit the school and conduct an on-the-spot investigation. The team interviewed the school’s pupils, teachers, and parents. The mother of one of the affected children stated that her child referred to the activity as a game called “snake bite” and confirmed it had no connection to cult initiation. To delve deeper into the matter, DSP Edafe Bright interviewed one of the school pupils, leading to a significant revelation.

A 9-year-old boy named Uche, whose last name remains unknown, informed his 6-year-old brother, Emeka, about the game called “snake bite,” which piqued the younger sibling’s curiosity. When asked about the mechanics of the game, Uche explained that a piece of paper was used. DSP Edafe Bright volunteered his hand for a demonstration, and the child rubbed the back of his palm with a small piece of white paper. This action resulted in a mark similar to the one mistakenly portrayed as a cult initiation symbol. It became evident that this was an innocuous trend among school children and not a cult initiation process, as alleged by the activist.

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The Delta State Police Command advises parents to remain calm and disregard the false claims circulating on social media. Additionally, it emphasizes that any responsible individual who encounters such trends should conduct a proper investigation and inform the police before sharing information on social media. The command strongly urges the public not to take the false publication seriously.

Attached to this statement are video clips featuring statements from the pupils, the mother, and the demonstration conducted at the hands of DSP Edafe Bright.

For any further information or assistance, please contact the following Control Room numbers:

  1. 08036684974
  2. 08125958005
  3. 09053872287

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