Nasarawa housewife impregnated by stepson

My stepson impregnates me – Nasarawa Woman

Mrs Justina Agbumi, a housewife in Nasarawa State, described how she became pregnant with her husband’s biological kid.

The woman, who blamed the event on a strained relationship with her husband, said her marriage broke apart when she was unable to conceive. Agbumi told The Nation that after being childless for 19 years, she was interested in finding out whether she was indeed infertile.

She said she decided to put her fertility to test with the young man who was staying with them, not knowing he was the biological son of her husband.

Agbumi said her husband, who is now late, had brought in the young man and introduced him to her as one of his relatives from the village.

She said the relationship with her husband, which was once the envy of many, became laced with frustration because she was unable to conceive.

She said, “It got to a point that I asked myself if I was still living with the same man I married. He suddenly became a beast, calling me barren, harlot, and useless, just because I couldn’t take in.

“He was my best friend before we got married. We were ready to have children as quickly as possible so we could move on.

“But after five years and more, there was nothing. I didn’t take in, so I became worried.

“We went for several tests but we were told I had no problem but my husband had low sperm count and he needed to regulate his diet, which we did, but nothing changed.

“Because he is the only son, his mother had already become hostile to me, visiting regularly from the village while my husband also joined her in frustrating me.

“Before then, I visited places my faith would ordinarily not permit to because all I wanted was a child. Yet nothing came out of it.

“That was how I started living alone. I cried daily but that didn’t bring any succor.

In her words, she said “One day, I got an idea and decided to test my fertility with another man. I realized that would be adultery of the highest order, but I also felt it would be a lesser sin if it was with my husband’s relative who was staying with us. I drew the young man closer and made him my best friend since my husband had stopped making love to me for close to seven months.”

According to her, luring Godwin to start sleeping with me was a difficult decision but I was also considering my age.

“I had never cheated on my husband before, but I had reached the limit of my endurance and the circumstances around me were not in my favor.”

She also narrated that she concluded that she would test her fertility through Godwin. She had seen Godwin’s crotch during house cleaning, so she realized that his manhood was big enough to give her satisfaction, though Godwin was only about 17 years old.

“I started admiring him anytime my husband went to work. I would summon the courage and make advances to him, drawing him closer to me with petty items.

“In no time, he succumbed, and we started having sex, though he was not too perfect because he had not been into it.

“But I was teaching him. I also warned him never to reveal it and threatened to kill him if he opened up to anybody.

“We progressed in that direction, especially during my ovulation period. In no distant time, he was able to impregnate me. I missed my period three months after.

“I was very happy that the plan to test my fertility worked and that what my husband could not do for years, Godwin did within a short time.

“One fortunate thing was that Godwin himself did not know that he was responsible for it. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know that Godwin was actually the biological son of my husband. The entire family hid it from me so that I would not victimize him.”

A twist had occurred in the matter when Godwin secured admission into the College of Education, Akwanga, and was traveling to commence registration when he had an accident that claimed his life.

She regretted Godwin died before she was delivered of a baby boy.

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