Lagos has declared a total clampdown on all recalcitrant okada operators on the restricted routes on Lagos highways.

Lagos Taskforce Is Planning A Total Showdown On Non-Cooperating Okada Operators On Lagos Highways

 …impounds over 1,654 motorcycles within the first two weeks of January 2022.

…to prosecute both the rider and the passengers.

….set to arrest uniformed personnel commuting passengers with Okada.

…Operation Kogberegbe will be more intense starting from Monday this week.

In response to public outcry over okada riders’ aggressiveness on Lagos highways, arson, and mob attacks on innocent citizens that may result in a total breach of peace, unrestrained speed, and total disregard for traffic rules and regulations, the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offenses (Enforcement) Agency (TASKFORCE) has declared a total clampdown on all recalcitrant okada operators on the restricted routes on Lagos highways, to free the state from their

The Unit will conduct a mass raid and confiscate any Okada discovered on highways and prohibited routes, as well as punish both the rider and passengers who are responsible, in order to achieve the State’s objective of zero tolerance for Okada operation.

CSP. Shola Jejeloye, Chairman of the State Taskforce, made the declaration today during the decoration of recently promoted officers assigned to the Unit at the Agency Headquarters, Safety Arena, Bolade, Oshodi, Lagos. He revealed that over 1,654 Okada bikes had been confiscated in various areas around the state this year for using restricted routes and breaching State Laws on major highway limits. Within the first two weeks of January this year, the Agency took her enforcement for compliance activities to Ogba, Cele-Ijesha Expressway, Jakande Estate Okeafa, Allen Avenue, Oshodi Mile 12, Ojodu Berger, Ketu Alapere, Agric in Ikorodu, Agege regions, to name a few.

CSP Jejeloye stated that the restricted routes had been published several times in order to avoid unnecessary excuses of not being aware of the State laws on their restriction by Okada operators, but some of them chose to turn deaf ears, and all efforts made by the Enforcement Agency to sensitize, educate, and enlighten them on the dangers of plying on the highways proved futile. “As a result, we have no excuse not to respond with force to their hostility and lawlessness this time,” he added.

In addition, the Chairman stated that all prohibited routes would be strictly watched in order to rid the state of the Okada riders’ threat, which might result in unnecessary loss of life and major security issues. The Chairman emphasized that the Agency’s approach to tactical enforcement for compliance activities this year is a signal to all recalcitrant Okada riders and environmental law offenders who circumvent Government rules and regulations as provided by the regulatory provisions of the law that Lagos is no longer a safe haven for them, as both the offenders and the culprit will face the full wrath of the law.

Jejeloye stated that the agency will not rest until all Okada Operators follow proper procedures and the state is completely free of their threat. He also warned all bikers to stay in their lanes or face being arrested and having their bikes crushed.

Meanwhile, “From now on, the agency will no longer look the other way or tolerate any act of indiscipline from illegal tickets of okada riders who are constituting a nuisance on Lagos roads, as the agency will begin to arrest and prosecute them for disrupting the free flow of traffic as a result of their illegal activities,” Jejeloye said.

The Chairman stated that these individuals have demonstrated a disdain for State Environmental rules in the past, and the consequences are concerning. He cautioned Okada riders and other traffic violators to avoid being caught by the long arm of the law by not using prohibited routes.
“We are aware of their actions in various regions of Lagos Metropolis, particularly those publicized on social media.” We’ve been there before, and we’ll be returning to strike them hard this time, with a thorough clampdown until they learn to follow the rules and regulations that govern their operations in the state,” Jejeloye said.

The CSP reiterated that the State Taskforce under this administration is poised to take the State to greater heights by responding to any environmental and traffic challenges in an efficient, effective, prompt, and timely manner in order to promote a liveable, serene environment and accident-free society. This is a duty that must be finished and maintained. According to Gbadeyan Abdulraheem, Director, Public Affairs Unit, Lagos State Taskforce.

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