Real Madrid might finally be able to sell Mariano now

Real Madrid’s depth at the striker position is a bit weird, if I am being honest. They have the best striker in the world in Karim Benzema, but after him, there is really no one else on the entire roster that could lessen the impact of the Frenchman’s absence.

There are two strikers on the team apart from Benzema. One, is Mayoral – a player who is very close to a move to Getafe, which is why the club needs to sign a striker – and the second is Mariano, who has refused to leave the club until this point in time.

Well, Mariano’s been adamant about fulfilling his contract at Real Madrid, but reports on Monday emerged and it was said that the Dominican Republican striker is actually pushing for a move, and that Real Madrid are very optimistic about his sale.

According to Ramon Alvarez, Real Madrid are trying to sell Mariano, and Valladolid are most interested in his signing.

The conversation from Valladolid’s side is for the clubs to share his salary for the first season.

Mariano leaving would open up a spot that could be used for a striker signing

Real Madrid desperately need to sign a striker now. Even though it was just one game of the Eden Hazard experiment, I think it is very clear that the player is not the same player he was at Chelsea, and even at Chelsea, the Belgian was never a great false nine.

And, even if Hazard is able to play better than he did against Barcelona, I still don’t think he’d be able to provide the goals the team would need in Benzema’s absence.

Rodrygo is also not an out-and-out striker, and if Benzema ends up leaving the club, there will be an undying need for a backup striker. I think Real Madrid should look at options that are not young, because young players need minutes that the club won’t be able to give to them.

Getting a 30-32-year-old who does not mind playing off the bench would be interesting, and it could genuinely give Real Madrid an option to have whenever Benzema’s not available. The team won’t have to rely on experiments anymore.

Also, this signing should happen irrespective of Mariano’s sale. We have heard this song before, and Mariano could still end up not leaving, and even if he doesn’t, the club should still look at striker options.

Here’s why Real Madrid just have to sign a striker now

Real Madrid are trying to make a lot of sales right now, but it’s like, they’re trying to sell players that nobody really wants. Marco Asensio, Mariano, Dani Ceballos, Borja Mayoral are all players that the club doesn’t have any use for, but apparently, no one else does, either.

That can be said for three of the players on that list, but, the fourth one – Borja Mayoral – is on his way out of Real Madrid.

According to Mario Cortegana and Arancha Rodriguez, Real Madrid finally have an agreement in principle with Getafe in place over the sale of Borja Mayoral. The club will receive 10 million euros once the deal is completed.

Real Madrid cannot go another season with Mariano as Benzema’s back-up

I’ve talked about Real Madrid trying an experiment with Hazard as a false nine, which was in place against Barcelona. The experiment went horribly wrong, but it’s only one half of football, so there is potential to improve.

But if it doesn’t go well, then Real Madrid would be once again stuck with Mariano as the only pure back-up to Benzema.

Mariano, simply put, is not good enough. But I am not even thinking about signing a young striker, because that will take away the minutes that the young player would need.

Instead, if Real Madrid go for a veteran striker like Edin Dzeko, things could get interesting. He could do the job for a season or two, and his experience would mean he’s not cold when it matters most. His age would mean Dzeko wouldn’t ask for a bigger role on a championship team.

Look at what Barcelona are doing. Their starting striker is Robert Lewandowski, who is backed up by another quality striker in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

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