LASTMA gives a stern warning on officers assault

Following the viral video, where an official of LASTMA was assaulted in Jakande First Gate area that is trending on social media, the General Manager of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Mr. Bolaji Oreagba has reiterated that henceforth, any recalcitrant motorists that attack or assault any traffic officer of LASTMA would be made to face the full wrath of the law when caught.

He made this assertion in his office in the light of a video trending online with the above titled subject matter. Oreagba enunciated that the video in its presentation is mischievous, erroneous, deceptive and calculated to intimidate and whip up public anger against the officers of the agency, this will no longer be tolerated.

The spokesperson to the agency, Filade Olumide in a statement disclosed that the incident happened on Friday, October 15, 2021at about 11.44 am at Jakande First Gate on Lekki-Epe Expressway. The driver of the commercial bus with the number plate: FST 439 YE was found dropping and picking passengers on the roadway. This is in contravention of the Transport Sector Reform Law, 2018 (As amended).

The driver was asked to leave the spot but was defiant and refused the entreaties of the officer deployed to correct him. The positioning of the vehicle was in such a way that it created avoidable traffic congestion. The driver’s resistance made the officer to resolve to apprehend the vehicle by removing the ignition key.

Knowing commercial vehicle drivers’ antecedents in Lagos, with the removal of the key from the ignition after refusing all entreaties, the driver went berserk, removed his clothes in order to whip up public sentiment and court pity from the public. He descended heavily on the LASTMA official and dragged the officer with his uniform, thereby assaulting and disrespecting constituted authority.

The driver also put calls to other people within the vicinity, who joined in the attack on the LASTMA officer, they eventually overpowered the LASTMA officials present and succeeded in escaping with the vehicle. The incident has been reported at the Ilasan Police Station while both the Police and LASTMA officials are on the lookout for the offenders.

Oreagba also noted that such allegations are not new, they emanate from recalcitrant/errant traffic law violators and their supporters as they always employ blackmail, intimidation and the media to drive home their false claims which are believed by the populace without verifying its truthfulness.

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“We will continue to intensify efforts at putting sanity on Lagos roads for the law-abiding residents and visitors of the State. We will not be deterred by those whose agenda is to create a non-conducive environment for commerce, development and a twenty-first-century smart city. Let us join hands to build a greater Lagos”, Oreagba concluded.

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