Road Safety Commander Advises Drivers On Safe Driving During Heavy Rain In Lagos

Corps Commander Olusegun Ogungbemide, the Lagos State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), has advised drivers in the state to always drive carefully due to the rising number of instances of heavy rain downpours in Lagos State that cause floods that sweep away vehicles and passengers. He explained that this was done to avoid the risks related to the season’s severe rain and flooding.

In the press release that was distributed to ngrdesk news newsmen during the Sallah holiday, the Sector Commander expressed concern that the heavy downpour is posing a threat that results in the loss of life and property. In order to combat the threat, he advised everyone—especially the drivers—to work together.

According to him, occurrences of floods that sweep away vehicles and passengers are growing more frequent because of the rainy season and the intense precipitation that is felt practically daily throughout the state. He stated that the Lagos State Sector Command, which oversees road traffic management and safety administration in the state, is concerned about the disturbing trend and urged all stakeholders to respond quickly by rigorously complying to the safety regulations.

The Sector Commander further pointed out that in addition to creating floods that block roads and restrict vehicle movement, heavy rain also reduces drivers’ visibility. Therefore, he recommended drivers to always exercise all essential caution when it is pouring.

“Our advice is that, drivers must operate with the utmost caution and safety consciousness to avert the hazards associated with the weather conditions,” and “Drivers are advised to park at a safer place and allow the flood to recede before proceeding on the journey,” he stated.

In addition, Ogungbemide instructed patrol teams to keep an eye out for vehicles that don’t meet the basic requirements for safety. He said such vehicles were to be brought to the base to have their problems fixed, preventing them from endangering themselves and other road users. He continued, “All drivers must make sure that they drive with a minimal level of safety by fixing the safety gadgets to avoid the threat linked with the rainy season.”

Recall that heavy flooding in the state as a result of the state’s nonstop downpour of rain has claimed the lives of both people and automobiles, and that every effort must be made to overcome the difficulties.

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