Hadi Sirika

Nigeria to begin manufacturing of aircraft by 2023 – Hadi Sirika

Nigeria National Carrier To Commence Operation Next Year.

Ban on emirate airlines, will not be lifted until UAE stops discrimination against Nigerian passengers under the guise of COVID-19 protocols.

All Airports in Nigeria to be concessioned in phases.

The Minister of Aviation Hadi Sirika made the promise when he appeared before the Senate Committee on aviation to defend the ministry’s sixty billion naira 2022 budget estimate.

Sirika says Nigeria, in partnership with Magnus Aircraft Manufacturing Firm in Hungary, and the Hungarian government has commenced talks on manufacturing fully robotic aircraft, which uses petrol instead of aviation gasoline or jet fuel.

He added that the aircraft will be made of composite materials, and safety systems like parachutes to protect both the pilot and passengers.

The minister further added that Magnus Aircraft Manufacturing Firm in Hungary, have demonstrated the technology and how they can produce the aircraft in Nigeria within 6 months of the time given them to deliver.

The minister assured that he and some other officials of the ministry have flown the aircraft and are convinced that with the partnership, between Nigeria, Magnus company and the government of hungry, aircraft production in Nigeria will be achieved before the end of 2023.

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Emirate Airline

Emirates Airline flight attendant. Emirates first class. Onboard food, dining. Luxury travel. Airbus A380. First-class suite

On the ban of Emirate Airlines, the minister vowed that the ban will not be lifted until UAE stops the discrimination against Nigerians under the guise of COVID -19 protocols.

Hadi says it’s alarming that every Nigerian arriving UAE will have a 48-hour COVID 19 negative test result before boarding flight to UAE, another test at the airport before entering the flight, another test seven-hour upon arriving Dubai airport, and another test, at the hotel or accommodation of stay.

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According to Hadi each of the four tests cost 200 dollars, which was initially resisted by the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19.

He added that with the outcry from Nigerians on the matter, the federal government rescinded the decision and asked individuals to pay and test.

However, after acceptance, the UAE came up with another policy that every passenger from Nigeria must fly only Emirate airline, as anyone who flies any other airline must remain 14 days in the country of transit before arriving Dubai.

Hadi says the rules only applied to Nigeria and Nigerians, which is against the international convention treaty to discriminate against any nation.

The minister further added that a Nigerian can fly from Ghana or any other country to Dubai, and won’t require the two weeks isolation in transit country, but once you are coming from Nigeria the case becomes different.

Hadi says the rate of infection in Nigeria is less than 3000 compared to what is obtainable in other parts of the country and as such Nigerians should not be treated as second class.

He added that the PSC had deployed a device to check fake COVID results at various airports.

National Carrier

On the Nigeria national carrier, the minister assured that by next year the airline will be up and running as talks are ongoing with Boeing.

He said the emergence of COVID-19 delayed the conclusion of plans as well as the takeoff of the project.

He called on entrepreneurs and enterprises in Nigeria to invest in the venture as it is certain to take off next year.

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Airport Concession

On airport concession, the minister said efforts are on, to conclude the concession of four airports of Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, and Abuja for more efficiency by the private sector.

He confirmed that the concessions will be extended to all airports across the country, which will be done in phases.

Hadi Sirika assured that the tenure of the concessions will be subject to negotiation as no job will be lost in the process of concession of the airports.

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The chairman Senate Committee on Aviation Senator Smart Adeyemi promised to embark on oversight to all airports across the country to ensure the aviation sector meets global best practices.

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