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Immigration Provides Contacts To Report Erring Officers

According to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Nigerians are advised not to tip passport officials when requesting a travel passport. According to NIS, it is inappropriate for officers to demand payment in order to speed up the procedure, in addition to being unlawful on the part of the applicants.

Amos Okpu, the NIS public relations officer, said in an exclusive interview that a 32-page international passport will only cost N26,000 (twenty-six thousand naira).

Nigerians are able to apply for a passport online while at home.

Okpu acknowledged the procedures and added that NIS is still one of the leading organizations that adopted online application and payment procedures years ago.

He said: “For instance, applications and payment for passports are expected to be made via by the applicants themselves.” 

All cash transactions will be eliminated as a result, and the procedure will also be made simpler throughout our operations.

Although we do not yet have a perfect system, I must say that we regularly ask our employees to make an effort to follow the procedures we have established. In order to avoid last-minute rushes, we also require our employees to make deliberate efforts to organize their travels well in advance.

“At the moment, we have a Passport appointment system in place, but you find mounting requests for waivers, and, of course, this will not allow for neat processes and procedures.”

How to report officers demanding money

Okpu further exhorted Nigerians to cease tipping immigration officials and to report them right away. To prevent anyone from requesting money, the online process was put in place first. No one would be talking about being frustrated if applicants filled out applications and made payments while relaxing in their homes or businesses.

However, the rules will be followed if we learn that any employees are soliciting donations. When it is established beyond a reasonable doubt, the proper penalties are imposed.

“Our complaints channels include:;; +2438021819988; twitter and Facebook handles(@nigimmigration).”

The following are types of passports and their costs:

32-page five-year validity (adults and minors);

64-page five-year validity (adults and minors);

64-page 10-year validity (Adults (18+) only) and 32 Page five-year Official Passport.

32 pages standard = N26,000 including bank charges.

64 Page five-year Standard Passport = N35, 000.

64 Page 10-year Standard Passport for adults only 18 years and above = N70, 000.

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