Here Are Top 8 known Foods That Will Help Alleviate High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common health complications

High blood pressure is one of the most common health complications seen after a certain age. Many switch to medications immediately after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. It is worth taking note that blood pressure can be managed with a proper diet and by following a healthy lifestyle.

Many research studies have confirmed that high blood pressure is triggered by consumption of certain foods and there are foods that help lower the high blood pressure in human beings.

​Beet root

Drinking beetroot juice can control high blood pressure. As per a research study, blood pressure lowered among hypertension patients who consumed 1 cup of beetroot juice for almost a month.

Though both cooked and raw beetroot has an effect in reducing high blood pressure, the effect of raw beetroot is more prominent.

Studies have shown that beetroot juice lowers the blood pressure within hours of consumption.


Watermelon contains an essential element that is known to lower blood pressure. Citrulline present in the watermelon produces nitric oxide which is known to relax blood vessels. This subsequently lowers the high blood pressure and bring it under control.


Did you know the oats that you prefer while trying to lose weight is also helpful to lower blood pressure?

Oats contain beta-glucan which is known to control blood pressure. It also contains fiber which aids gut health and controls cholesterol and subsequently controls the blood pressure.


Many of us know about the immense benefits just one clove of garlic holds. But you would be surprised to know that garlic is not just an antibiotic or antifungal food, it also accelerates the production of nitric oxide and relaxes the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Apart from this, allicin present in garlic is useful for the human body in several other ways.


As per a research study, Pomegranate juice consumption may reduce systolic blood pressure, inhibits serum ACE activity, and is convincingly a heart-healthy fruit. Pomegranate juice consumption inhibits serum angiotensin converting enzyme activity and reduces systolic blood pressure

​Fermented food

Fermented foods have good bacteria and yeast which is known to alleviate conditions like high blood pressure. Researchers say fermented foods block the enzyme that elevates high blood pressure in human beings. However, consumption of highly salted fermented food is not recommended for those having high blood pressure as it can worsen the condition.

​Green leafy vegetables

Fresh green leafy vegetables are the powerhouse of nutrients which is known to provide a number of benefits to human health. Out of the many ways, controlling high high blood pressure is also a health benefit provided by the green leafy vegetables. Vegetables like spinach, mustard green, and cabbage are known to be good for those having high blood pressure.


Bananas are rich in potassium which is said to be an important element in managing hypertension. It is often said that a banana a day keeps high blood pressure at bay. According to the American Heart Association, the potassium present in bananas reduces the effects of sodium and relaxes the tension in the walls of the blood vessels.



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