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6 symptoms of depression that no women should ignore

Depression in women has led to many death of mist valuable women of valour in our society and one of the symptoms of depression is the problem to concentrate or focus on any task. This happens because such people are lost in their own world.

In today’s competitive and fast lifestyle, with less social interactions, most people are suffering from stress, anxiety at some point or the other which may even lead to a more severe mental form known as depression. Despite suffering from stress, anxiety, people tend to keep ignoring it which can later take the form of depression, specially in women

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These days many women are suffering from depression, but they do not realize that they are depressed. Not getting signs of depression cured on time can seriously affect your physical and mental well being. If you are surrounded by stress, worry night and day due to some reason, then the most important thing is to control it. Here we discuss some of the symptoms of depression so that you can get it treated well on time

Depression in Women: Loss of interest in favorite activities

If you have lost interest in doing the hobbies you used to do earlier, then this can be an early sign of depression in women. If you talk less, like to be alone, do not feel like meeting anyone, then do not ignore these symptoms

Trouble in concentration

One of the symptoms of depression include problem in being able to concentrate or focus on any task. This happens because people with depression are lost in their own world and the things going on in their mind. This can hamper your professional work and home duties

Loss of appetite

If you eat less than what you use to do earlier, despite seeing your favorite food the craving does not happen, then take this symptom seriously. Eating less can lead to deficiency of nutrients in your body. You may suffer from anemia. Loss of appetite is a symptom of depression

Irregular period

Sometimes some women get affected due to stress and depression. Premature menopause can also be caused by suffering from depression for a long time. If you do not have periods for two-three months, bleeding is less, then consult a doctor. However, there can be many other reasons for irregular periods, including pregnancy

Sleeplessness at night

Can’t sleep at night? This is a very common symptom, in people who have problems of depression. Due to depression, women stay awake till late night, sleep cycle is affected. It has been revealed in some studies that the problem of sleeplessness can be due to over thinking, nervous response, depression. There are also many women or men who get a lot of sleep or do not sleep at all.

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